Consumer products

Primal cuts

The calf’s carcass is kept in the cold store in large pieces. In the production area, employees slice these so-called primal cuts into smaller portions that are suitable for further preparation in kitchens. The process for calling off primal cuts from the cold store is fully automated. Using a touch-screen monitor, an employee simply enters the raw materials required in the production area for processing. A conveyor system does the rest.


The employee cuts the veal into the exact portions required by the customer. If the customer wants veal medallions, for example, the calf’s hindsaddle is used. The specifications are even so detailed that it is possible to cut medallions that are precisely the right weight. None of the cutting is automated – it is all done by the hand of a skilled craftsman.

Veal sausages

Veal sausages and veal mince are very popular products. The sausages are stuffed into lamb-intestine casings, making them a purely natural product.


After it has been portioned, the veal is weighed. It then goes to the packing department.


Veal packed in a modified atmosphere stays fresher for longer. A garnish is sometimes included in the pack, such as a pinch of parsley and a tub of herb butter.


After the veal has been packed in a modified atmosphere, it is labelled and then transferred to the sorting station. There, the packs of veal are loaded into crates according to which customer they are destined for. Warehouse staff then stack the crates on pallets and load them into the truck for immediate transportation to the shop.