Safety Guard

Safety first

Safety Guard is the VanDrie Group’s integrated quality system which assures food safety and animal welfare throughout the production chain. The responsible use of antibiotics and environmental management are also regulated through Safety Guard. The basis of Safety Guard is ISO 22000, the standard implemented throughout the VanDrie Group. Safety Guard has also been configured to meet the demands of customers worldwide. IFS and BRC are housed within Safety Guard. At the core of Safety Guard is the traceability system. The basis in every phase of the production process is the animal’s individual earmark, the ID code, which remains associated with the animal and the meat. Even when the meat is reduced further in the deboning plant, the ID code remains associated with each cut of meat, making traceability down to the individual animal still possible. This is another example of the difference between the VanDrie Group and other veal producers.


Thanks to the Safety Guard concept, the VanDrie Group meets the requirements for the Dutch veal sector’s quality system, known as Vitaal Kalf (‘Vital Calf’). This quality system includes rules on hygiene, animal health, feed quality, and use and registration of medication. The independent Veal Calf Quality Foundation (SKV) verifies that our farmers comply with all the rules. SKV also takes samples and conducts visual checks at farms and slaughterhouses to ensure that the veal is produced without the use of prohibited growth promoters.

Animal Welfare Code

In the interests of calf welfare, Safety Guard includes the Animal Welfare Code, which is based on respecting the five freedoms of the animal. Safety Guard checks the application of the Animal Welfare Code at each stage of the chain. Trained Animal Welfare Officers within the VanDrie Group safeguard animal welfare.

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