Cutting area

Qualified staff in the cutting area carefully cut the large pieces of veal. They slice the primal cuts into smaller cuts in line with customer requirements. These smaller portions are then vacuum-packed.

Vacuum-packing & packaging


Large industrial machines vacuum-pack the veal. A special label called the ‘tracer label’ indicates how the customer can learn more about the meat’s origin. Each label shows the unique ear number of that particular calf. By logging onto the internet, customers can find out where the calf was raised, what feed it received, which certificates it was awarded by the SKV, where it was slaughtered, etc.



The customer order indicates how the vacuum-packed cuts of veal are to be packaged, based on the customer’s requirements. Veal can be packaged in a crate, a plain box, a company-branded box or in the customer’s own packaging.


The warehouse is where all the orders come together and are stacked onto pallets by logistics staff. The pallets are then shipped to the relevant customers.