Double veal rib with porcini mushrooms and lacinato kale


  • 2 pieces of double veal rib
  • 4 large porcini mushrooms
  • semi-salted farm butter
  • 1 cavalo nero (lacinato kale)
  • jus de veau (gravy)
  • chickweed
> 60 minutes
veal rib
Culinaire Saisonnier


First colour the seasoned veal rib on the plancha and then fry in a large pan with a good amount of melted butter. Baste regularly.

Cut the clean porcini mushrooms lengthwise and fry until nice and golden brown on the plancha. Briefly blanch the clean lacinato kale, drain and season with pepper and salt. Carve the rib, dress the plate with other garnish and season richly with fleur de sel.

Garnish with chickweed herb and serve the gravy separately.

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