BBQ - Veal steaks with mini zucchini’s and mini corn cob


  • 4 of 180 gr veal topside steaks
  • 100 gr risotto rice
  • 1 onion chopped
  • 3,5 dl boiling veal stock
  • 50 cl white wine
  • 150 gr butter
  • 8 mini zucchini’s (courgettes)
  • 8 mini corn cobs
  • olive oil
  • pepper and salt to taste
30 - 60 minutes
veal topside steaks, veal stock


Heat 50 gr butter in a small pan, cook the onions for 2 minutes while stirring, add the rice and heat for 1 minute while stirring. Add the wine and reduce till almost gone and add the stock. On low heat, below cooking point, cook the risotto with a lid on the pan for 20 minutes while stirring a few times.

Grill the veal steaks in a 180°C (356°F) Kamado BBQ for 5 minutes a side and season with pepper and salt. Cut the zucchini’s and corn in half and grill till cooked, sprinkle with olive oil and pepper and salt. Mix in the rest of the butter with the risotto and season.

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